Ü  ITER (Iterate)

·         It can be used in DO, DOU, DOUxx, DOW, DOWxx, and FOR loops to transfer control immediately to a loop's ENDDO or ENDFOR statement.

·         It causes the next iteration of the loop to be executed immediately.

·         ITER affects the innermost loop.




     C                   DOW       *IN03=*OFF
     C   03              LEAVE
     C                   EXSR      PROCESS
     C                   IF        C_OPT=*ZEROS
     C                             AND *IN66=*OFF
     C                             AND *IN99=*OFF
     C                             AND FLAG='0'
     C                   EXSR      DSPLY
     C                   ITER
     C                   ENDIF
     C                   EXSR      SHOWSFL
     C                   ENDDO
     C                   SETON                                        LR


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