Ü  Important points

·       If you want to copy a PF without making any modification to it then FORMAT keyword is used.

·         Default access path maintenance is *IMMED

·         Maximum no of printer files included in a RPGLE program is 8

·         Maximum no of files declared in RPGLE is 50 and CL is l

·         Maximum no of key fields included is 120

·         Maximum no of fields included in a PF is 8000

·         Maximum no of arrays included is a RPG is 200

·         Maximum no of parameter passed in a RPG is 255 and CL 40

·         Total no of system library is 15 and user library is 25

·         While logging on the first library to be included is QSYS

·         Printer file default length is 132.

·         Default size of a member is CRTSRCPF command for ordinary files is 92.

·         record formats PF is 1, LF is 32, DSPF is 1024 and SFL is 512.


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