Ü   ALIAS (Alternative Name)

·         This is field level keyword.

·         It is used to specify alternate name to a field in DDS, which can be more meaningful and can be used in our program.

·         When the program is compiled, the alias name is brought into the program instead of the DDS field name. Hence, our program can be understood better by this way.

·         The alias name should be different than any other name defined in any kind of record format.





Suppose there are some display file fields S_ORG, S_ACC and S_CCY defined in DDS as below.


A          R EXPD_SFL                  SFL                           
A  56                                  SFLNXTCHG                     
A            S_ORG          3S 0O  8 12ALIAS(ORG_CODE)               
A            S_ACC         12A  O  8 28ALIAS(ACCOUNT_NO)             
A            S_CCY          3A  O  8 49ALIAS(CURRENCY)               



Now since we are defining these fields with alias the alias name would be available in the program and we can use that instead of the original name.




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