Ü  DELETE (Delete Record)

·         The DELETE operation deletes a record from a database file.

Factor 1


Factor 2

Result Field

Resulting Indicators

       HI                            LO                      EQ



File name/record format name







0002.00 HDEBUG(*YES)                                                           
0003.00 HOPTION(*NODEBUGIO)                                                    
0004.00 FPARTYD    UF A E           K DISK                                     
0008.00 F                                     SFILE(EXPD_SFL:RRN)              
0009.00 F                                     SFILE(ACC_SFL:RRN1)              
0179.00 C*_________________OPTION->4__________________                         
0180.00 C     DLTSR         BEGSR                                              
0181.00 C                   EVAL      K_PNUM=S_PNUM                            
0182.00 C     K_PNUM        CHAIN(E)  REC2                                     
0183.00 C                   IF        %FOUND()                                 
0184.00 C                   DELETE    REC2                                     
0185.00 C     *LOVAL        SETLL     REC2                                     
0186.00 C                   EXSR      RELOADSR                                 
0187.00 C                   ENDIF                                              
0188.00 C                   ENDSR

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