Ü  CL ( Control Language)

·         AS400 control language is a list of command that we use to control the operations and call system functions by making a request to the operating system to process it.

·         Command is used by CL program to interact with OS400.                

·         Below are the functionalities of a CL program:

ü  To call program interactively or in batch mode.

ü  To control the sequencing of those programs.

ü  Process files and other objects.

ü  To monitor for all kind of messages.

ü  To Make communication between different jobs.

ü  Change the attribute of an object and then process it.


·         Although CL is rich in functionality but still it is not a high level language. There are some other languages that are used to perform it like a high level language.

·         There are 2 ways to enter the CL command in CL program source:

Keyword notation: If we are using this notation, we can alter the order of the parameter as parameter keyword is always associated with the value, it will not affect the command.



           TOFILE(B)    +

           FROMMBR(M1)  +

           TOMBR(M2)    +



Positional notation: If we are using this notation, we cannot alter the order of parameter values.


CPYF       A  +

           B  +

           M1 +

           M2 +



There is one miscellaneous feature of notation that we use in CL.

*N notation: Instead of giving the predefined/default value we can use this notation.


   CPYF    A      +

           B      +

           *FIRST +

           *FIRST +



Above can be represented in *N notation as shown below:


   CPYF    A  +

           B  +

           *N +

           *N +



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