·         This keyword is used to define a subfile record.

·         The record format containing this keyword is immediately followed by the record format using SFLCTL keyword.

·         We can define at most 512 subfile records in a display file.

·         There can be 12 subfiles active at the same time.





Here in the example we are creating one subfile record RECSFL and immediately after that there is a subfile control record RECCTL which has been associated with the subfile record with the keyword SFLCTL(RECSFL).


0001.00      A                                      DSPSIZ(24 80 *DS3)         
0002.00      A                                      CA03(03 'EXIT')            
0003.00      A          R RECSFL                    SFL                >>>>>>>>>>>>>
0004.00      A            S_FLD01        5  0B 07 20                           
0005.00      A          R RECCTL                    SFLCTL(RECSFL)             
0005.01      A                                      SFLPAG(10)                 
0005.02      A                                      SFLSIZ(9999)               
0005.03      A  40                                  SFLCLR                     
0005.05      A  41                                  SFLDSP                     
0005.06      A  42                                  SFLDSPCTL                  
0005.07      A  45                                  SFLEND(*MORE)              
0005.08      A            RCDNBR         4S 0H      SFLRCDNBR(CURSOR)          
0005.09      A                                 01 25'TEST TO CHECK THE BUFFER' 
0006.00      A                                 05 20'FLD01'                    




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