About RPG/RPGLE video Tutorial


1. What topics are covered in the video?

Ans. This video tutorial covers topics related to RPG & RPGLE programming.

2. Total how many videos are there ? Provide list of all the videos?

Ans. Total 36 videos are there. To see the content of this video tutorial Click here.

3. Do we have some demo videos available?

Ans. Yes, Demo videos available for the RPG/RPGLE video tutorial. To see the demo videos click here.

4. Is subtitle available for the videos?

Ans. Yes, subtitle is present for all the videos.

5. What is total cost of the video?

Ans. Under the Launch offer price, the final cost of RPG/RPGLE tutorial video is 3500 ₹ ($44 USD). Once you purchase the RPG/RPGLE Video tutorial, you get 1 hour of Free consultation to clear your doubts on RPG/RPGLE Video tutorial. To see more information about the video consultation Click here.

6. How can I make the purchase?

Ans. To make the purchase, you need to first login to the website. You can either create a new go4as400 login account or you can login via your existing Gmail or Facebook account. Once you login, you are ready to make the purchase. You can visit this link to start your purchase.

7. Once I make the purchase, how can i access my video?

Ans. You can watch your videos online. It will be available once you login to you go4as400 account from which you have made the purchase. Under the drop-down list of your profile, you can find "My videos" link. Just click on that to access RPG/RPGLE video tutorial.

you can also directly access the videos with this link .

8. After purchase, can I access the video for lifetime?

Ans. Yes, you get the Lifetime access to RPG videos. Please note that accessing one single account from multiple locations by multiple users will increase the chances of getting your account disabled.

9. Do we get source codes for the programs provided as an example in the videos?

Ans. Yes, you get the source codes for the programs & files. You can find the source code situated at the top of the embedded video. To see the complete list of examples click here.

10. Where can I contact in case of any technical issue e.g. I am not able to watch the video?

Ans. You can send an email at contactus@go4as400.com.

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