List of System Admin Book topics:

Below topics have been convered in the System Admin Book. Topics have been convered in Full detail with examples as much as possible.
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    IBM i - Admin Part 1 - System jobs

(1)        Explain subsystem in IBM i / as400?

(2)        What is storage pool in IBM i?

(3)        What is shared pool?

(4)        Explain all types of shared pool?

(5)        How to configure a shared pool?

(6)        What is Private pool?

(7)        What is page fault?

(8)        What are the types of Page-fault?

(9)        What is thrashing?

(10)        What is JOB activity level in a pool?

(11)        What is storage pool management in IBM i? How do we do it?

(12)        What is Work management in IBM i?

(13)        How can we see associated pool id of a subsystem?

(14)        Explain DSPSYSSTS (Display System Status).

(15)        What is JOB in IBM i? What are the attributes of a job?

(16)        What is JOBQ? Give examples of JOBQ.

(17)        What is OUTQ? Give examples of OUTQ.

(18)        What is job description?

(19)        How can we create a subsystem? Give an example.

(20)        How to configure the subsystem to have jobs from multiple JOBQ?

(21)        How to know the maximum no. of jobs that can be active in the subsystem?

(22)        Maximum how many jobs from a specific JOBQ can be active in the subsystem?

(23)        A batch subsystem is established to run jobs from multiple queues. An application submits 2 jobs to queue -1 and 3 jobs to queue-2. But currently only 2 jobs are running in the subsystem. All jobs are in release status. Why only 2 jobs are active instead of 5.

(24)        A system admin wants workstation name to be prefixed with a unique prefix ‘IN’, to run under a specific subsystem. How can this be done?

(25)        How can I change the storage pool of the subsystem in IBM i?

(26)        How can I change QINTER’s storage pool in IBM i?

(27)        What are the uses of WRKACTJOB?

(28)        I am in debug mode. My program is executing for a long time and I suspect some issue with it. What should I do now?

(29)        I am running a program interactively by CALL command on command line. My program is executing for a long time and it seems it has gone in a loop. How can I verify that?

(30)        What is the difference between Interactive and batch jobs?

(31)        Difference between Run Priority & Job Priority?

(32)        What is Time slice?

(33)        What is the life cycle of batch job?

(34)        I want to see all Interactive and submitted jobs by a user?

(35)        I have submitted some jobs, how to see those jobs?

(36)        How can I control my job after it is submitted?

(37)        I am logging off the system. I had submitted a job, what will happen to that job. Will it also end when I sign-off?

(38)        How can I see which users are active on the system?

(39)        I want to see total number of signed users on the system?

(40)        What are the possible JOB status in IBM i?

(41)        I have an Interactive session running on the system. When I logoff the system, I don’t want the session log to be available to anyone. How can it be done?

(42)        We want change the message logging for a job currently running. We want second level message to be displayed in the log. How can we do that?

(43)        An admin finds poor performance for interactive users and observes a high page faulting for interactive memory pool. How page faulting in this case can be reduced?

(44)        The admin team would like to be notified if paging in a pool reaches an unacceptable level. How the system has to be set up to send the notification?

(45)        A programmer has submitted a job to QBATCH and is waiting for the output spool file. But he is not able to get any output after waiting for a long time. What should be action item for Admin team?

(46)        It has been observed that the % system ASP used has been consistently increasing over the time. What could be possible cause?

(47)        The system is running very slow and the CPU percentage is showing "+++++". System console is working but very slowly. What should be done to find out the problem?

(48)        I am submitting a job. Can I access QTEMP of that job?

(49)        A program has embedded sql used at many places. The performance of the embedded sql is not as expected. How can we find if there is any chance to improve performance of the query?

(50)        What is IPL?

(51)        Why do we do IPL?

(52)        How can we schedule a job in IBM i?

    IBM i - Admin Part 2 - Spooling & printing

Q1.        What is Spooling?

Q2.        What are the types of printer files?

Q3.        How can we change name of printer file?

Q4.        How can we search spool files?

Q5.        How can we navigate to a particular row or column in a spooled file?

Q6.        In spooling process by default the spooled file is generated. Is it possible that the output from an application program is sent directly to a printer?

Q7.        What is OUTQ? Give an example of OUTQ.

Q8.        Why do we need an OUTQ?

Q9.        Explain all possible status of Spool file?

Q11.        What is printer writer?

Q12.        How can we see all writers in the system? How to assign a writer to a different OUTQ?

Q13.        What is Network Printing or TCP/IP Printing? Give an example.

Q14.        How can we send one spool file from one system to another system on the network?

Q15.        How can I save my spool file, so that I can print the same spool again and again whenever we need it?

Q16.        How to send spool files to another system or User using SNDNETSPLF?

Q17.        How to display all the users in system directory? Also how can we remove a user from the distribution directory?

    IBM i - Admin Part 3 - Mail using SMTP setup

(1)        How to send mail from IBM iSeries using SMTP setup?

(2)        Can we send a mail to the user who is not registered in the system directory entry?

(3)        How can we send a mail with attachment?

(4)        Which command is best among all to send different type of files via mail?

    IBM i - Admin Part 4 - User profile

(1)         What is a User Profiles? How can we create it?

(2)         Explain User class (USRCLS) attribute of user profile?

(3)         What is QSECURITY system value?

(4)         What is special authority? What default special authority comes to a user profile?

(5)         While creating a user profile, can we enter values in user class and special authority attribute at the same time?

(6)         How to assign object authority to a new user or how to change object authority?

(7)         What is public authority?

(8)         A user has *ALLOBJ Special Authority. At the same time, for one object user has *EXCLUDE authority. Will the user be able to access the object?

(9)         What are the frequently used command related to authority?

(10)         Can we delete a user profile, if it owns some objects in the system?

(11)         How a message queue is created for a user profile? Can we delete a user profile without deleting user’s message queue?

(12)         How can we make the user to change its password after each 3 months?

(13)         How do we set default library list for a user on IBM i?

(14)         How to take the user to any application menu, when a user logs in?

(15)         How can we limit a user for maximum number of invalid signon attempt?

(16)         What is Group profile? How to create a group profile?

(17)         Can we assign multiple Group profiles to the same user?

(18)          What are the system protection strategy that the system admin can approach?

(19)         What is authorization list? Explain with example.

(20)         How do I limit Command line access to normal users?

    IBM i - Admin Part 5 - System values in IBM i

(1)         What are the system values in IBM i?

(2)         How to have a customized list of default library when we login to the system?

    IBM i - Admin Part 6 - The User Interface

(1)        Explain frequently used User Interfaces in IBM i.

    IBM i - Admin Part 7 - Message handling

(1)        Explain message and types of messages in IBM i?

(2)        What are the types of message in IBM i?

(3)        What is a message queue?

(4)        How to send break messages to the users?

(5)        How to store messages in the system?

(6)        How to copy messages from one message file to another?

    IBM i - Admin Part 8 - IBM i Navigator

(1)        What are the things we can do with IBM i navigator?

    IBM i - Admin Part 9 - FTP

(1)        Explain FTP process in AS400?

(2)        What is the difference between 'NAMEFMT 0' and 'NAMEFMT 1'?

(3)        What are data transmission modes used for file transfer in FTP?

(4)        What FTP commands are used to send and receive files?

(5)        How to transfer data from one AS400-system to another AS400-system?

    IBM i - Admin Part 10 - IFS - Integrated File System

(1)        What is IFS? Why do we need IFS?

(2)        How to create a directory?

(3)        How to create a csv stream file from physical file?

(4)        How to create a pipe delimited stream file from physical file?

(5)        How to copy record of a stream file to a physical file?

    IBM i - Admin Part 11 - Data Integrity, Backup & Recovery

(1)        What is Journaling?

(2)        What is Journal and Journal receiver?

(3)        How to check if a file is journaled or not?

(4)        How to restore a damaged or accidently deleted file?

(5)        List out frequently used journaling commands.

(6)        Explain Commitment control.

(7)        Explain backup and restore process.

(7)        Give an example of backup and restore process using TAPE device.

    IBM i - Admin Part 12 - Installation of iSeries Application & Fixes

(1)        How to install an iSeries application from ISO image file?

(2)        How to install iSeries fixes?

(3)        What is PTF in IBM i?

    IBM i - Admin Part 13 - SQL TIPS

(1)        How to find current date and time in SQL in AS/400?

(2)        How to find Next day and previous day in SQL?

(3)        How to find Last day of the month in SQL?

(4)        How to get current timestamp in SQL?

(5)        How to get numeric value of date in SQL?

(6)        How can I fetch top 100 rows in SQL?

(7)        How can I fetch 5th, 10th & 15th records of arrival sequenced file in SQL?

(8)        How can I take count of result set of SQL statement in as400?

(9)        How can I convert digits into decimal format DEC(5,2) in SQL?

(10)        How can I convert numeric to character field in SQL?

(11)        How can I concatenate String and numeric fields?

(12)        How can I access 2nd member of multi-member file?

(13)        How can I insert multiple rows with single INSERT statement?

(14)        How can I create a table in SQL?

(15)        How can I find duplicate record in a file?

(16)        How can I separate records into different category?

(17)        What are the uses of CASE statement?

(18)        How to find average of decimal numbers upto 2 decimal fraction?

(19)        How to generate a new field as combination of fields in SQL result set?

(20)        How to combine Primary and secondary table?

(21)        How to update a table with other table’s value?

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